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Hitting the reset button on Body Building  
10:24am 13/05/2009

After the overwhelming response I got from several BB message board members I’ve decided to change my routine, after doing some research, to the following:

Got this from: The Gold Gym’s Book of Body Building, which starts the user off on a very basic level 1 (from my experience is for those who is just beginning BB)


This is the break down of Level 1, recommended for 4-6 weeks on a MWF rotation (I am going to it in 1 week same rotation)
Sit ups 1 @ 20-30
Leg Press    3 @ 10-15 (90 & 110)
Lat Pulldown 3 @ 8-12 (100)
Shrugs 2 @ 10-15 (70)

Bench Press   3 @ 8-12 (90)

Military Press 2 @ 8-12 (70)

Barbell Curl 2 @ 8-12 (40)

Skull Crushers 2 @ 8-12 (40)

Barbell Wrist Curl 2 @ 10-15 (25)

Calf Extensions 3 @ 15-20 (90 & 110)



Level II (2 Weeks)

Leg Raise 2 @ 25-50

Seated Twisting 2 @ 50-100

Squat 4 @ 10-15

Leg Curl 3 @ 10-15

Hyperextensions 2 @ 10-15

Barbell Shrug 3 @ 10-15

Seated Rowing 3@ 8-12

Lat Pulldown 2 @ 8-12

Barbell Incline Press 3 @ 6-10

Flyes 2 @ 8-12

Press Behind the neck 2 @ 6-10

Side Lateral 2 @ 8-12

Nautilus Curl 3 @ 8-12

Nautilus Triceps Extensions 3 @ 8-12

Barbell Wrist Curl 3 @ 10-15

Barbell Reverse Wrist Curl 3 @ 10-15

Calf Extensions 2 @ 15-20


Level III (2 weeks)

Sit-Ups 3 @ 25-50

Seated Twisting 3 @ 50-100

Leg Press 3 @ 10-15

Leg Extensions 3 @ 10-15

Leg Curl 3 @ 10-15

Deadlift 2 @ 8-12

Incline Press 3 @ 6-10

Bench Press 3 @ 8-12

Military Press 3@ 6-10

Barbell Curl 4 @ 8-12

Skull Crushers 4 @ 8-12

Barbell Wrist Curl 4 @ 10-15

Barbell Reverse Wrist Curl 4 @ 10-15

Calf Extensions 3 @ 15-20


Level IV (3 weeks)

Day One (Mon & Thurs)

Hyperextensions 3 @ 10-15

Squat 4 @ 10-15

Leg Extensions 4 @ 10-15

Leg Curl 4 @ 10-15

Barbell Shrug 3 @ 10-15

Seated Pulley Rowing 3 @ 8-12

Lat Pulldown 3 @ 8-12

Incline Press 4 @ 6-10

Flye 3 @ 8-12

Press Behind the neck 4 @ 6-10

Barbell Curl 3 @ 8-12

Pulley Curl 2 @ 8-12

Skull Crusher 3 @ 8-12

Pulley Pushdown 2 @ 8-12


Day Two (Tues-Fri)

Sit Ups 3 @ 25-50

Leg Raise 3 @ 25-50

Calf Extensions 4 @ 15-20

Barbell Wrist Curl 4 @ 10-15

Barbell Reverse Wrist Curl 4 @ 10-15



Diet has changed measurably eating less ‘crap’ food, more healthy.

Workout days two protein shakes (one pre and pre), creatine (pre and post)

None workout days one shake in morn, creatine in morn and evening.

Ill post Intermediate stage in 8 weeks.

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laid off  
06:34pm 11/05/2009
update: i was laid off friday back to unemployment line
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Bored with it all  
09:18pm 06/05/2009

Bored with it all; how can I put this with out making it sound like I need to be put on drugs?

Right now it seems like life is going nowhere, I go to work I come home I go to the gym I come home I go to work…nothing extra, its like I am on a broken record. Nothing to look forward to at work and nothing to look forward to when I get home (yes I could use the ‘brainwashed’ line of I get to see Jim at the end of the day sorry but that’s a given). The only real sanctuary I have away from everyone and everything is the gym; and I’ve tried numerous times to get Jim to join but all I get is a no, so its became my time my hobby that it seems like everyone could careless about. Just like it seems my opinions don't carry weight around here; nor have I found my niche in his family most the time it seems like I am just there along for the ride and to try and block out their ‘talking’ which is really screaming/yelling at the top of your lungs cause that’s how they were raised to be heard.

Don't have anyone I consider a friend; yes I have coworkers and they are just that coworkers; people I talk to online go no farther then that; which leaves the in-laws to be considered friends which personally is a joke cause I need away from them at times and people of my own. Where I don't have to get permission to change or work on my truck-  which it seems like I have to do w/ his uncle were staying with-or almost anything else.

Any creative force I had in writing is gone my sim and book are on hold till that all comes back. I tried plucking at the guitar the other day and it felt as if I was going through the motions I wasn’t really into it.

I work for the weekends; which leaves the weekdays blurs, but like it matters I don't do anything of merit on the weekend anyways.

It just seems like life is stalled and the longer I sit here the more retched it becomes.

Guess I’ll end it there or I’ll just keep rambling till tomarrow.

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X-Men Origins Wolverine  
10:26pm 02/05/2009

Absolutely loved it and worth waiting to go see. It follows much of what i thought and much i read on Wolverine before the movie came out.
Definatly go see.
As my personal tradition with superhero movies; wore my Batman shirt making this the third or forth.
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05:02pm 26/04/2009
iam now on face book:

Jason W Parker's Profile
Jason W Parker's Facebook profile
Create Your Badge
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Submissive Phases?  
05:36pm 22/11/2008
Is it possible to go through submissive phases, where your more submissive at times then others?
Here recently ive become more submissive then i had been in the last few months, which is understandable considering with the move and all.
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back on line  
09:58pm 20/11/2008
after over 24hrs of being offline were back. some how during moving the move of the router the wireless decided to go on strike. had to finally break down and call tech support and she, who was extermely nice and supportive, walked me through what i was already doing but somehow it worked - go figure. then it was Jims comp that decided it didnt want to connect. its always one or the other w/ networking
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Is there hope?  
08:41pm 13/11/2008
IS there a cure for HIV/AIDs?
When I came home from work and gym Jim gave me the news of a man in Berlin that was cured. So is there light on the horizon? We hope...no we pray that there is an end in sight.
Heres the story
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Pic of the 'new' Enterprise  
09:41pm 11/11/2008

First impressions?
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11:23pm 04/11/2008
What else to say?
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